“Pee Wee Dance” (2-3 year olds)

A creative movement class that acts as an introduction to dance. We incorporate as many props as possible (maracas, tambourines, wands, crowns, etc.), and encourage “creative play.” The basics of technique are introduced, such as pointing & flexing the feet, bending of the knees, turning, etc. Up beat music keep students motivated, and interacting with both their instructor and other dancers. This class is 30 minutes in length.

“Kids Groove Combo I-II” (3-5 year olds)

A class that introduces the vocabulary of dance (plié, tendu, passé, chasé, point, flex, & more) through demonstration and fun. We incorporate props (maracas, tambourines, wands, crowns, etc.) and music that adds excitement and energy to every moment. Students participate in the learning process, and participate in both group and individual activities. There is the option of offering a variety of combinations of this class, i.e. ballet, ballet & tap, ballet & jazz/hip hop, etc. There are many options to fit the needs of your program. This class is 30 minutes in length if offered as a single discipline, or 45 minutes when offered as a combination.

Acro Dance/Tumbling: (ages 3-5; 6-10; 11 +)

This class combines floor gymnastics with jazz dance. Students will learn tumbling skills that are age and skill level appropriate. School can provide proper mats if available. Instructor will provide mats if the School does not house them.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz/ Hip Hop/Cheer/Musical Theater

These classes are offered in blocks of 45-60 minutes. There is the option of combining two of the genres into one class. These are more involved classes which pick up where the preschool dance leaves off.
With a greater emphasis on technique and how each type of dance relates to others, students are given a real studio experience in the comfort of their school. These classes are broken into the following age categories: 6-7 year olds ; 8-10 year olds ; 11 +

For Our Hip-Hop Dancers

“Boy’s Only Hip Hop”: (For ages 3-5, 6- 10, 11+)

All classes are structured around imparting both a technical education and understanding of terminology.  We promote a positive atmosphere, where students are encouraged to express themselves through movement and all they learn in class.  If you have any questions regarding class specifics, please contact us.

“Tiny Tots Hip Hop”/ “Diva Dance”: (For ages 3-5)

This class is an introduction to the Hip Hop style of dance. We incorporate contemporary, appropriate pop music, and students are taught movements and technique in a fun, positive atmosphere. We use props to help make students feel more comfortable (maracas, balls, hula hoops, etc.) and increase their involvement in the class. This class is typically 30-45 minutes long, depending if it is paired with another genre of dance.

Adult Classes

Teachers Dance Too!

Give your teachers something to look forward to when that last student leaves their class. An excellent form of exercise, dancing offers the opportunity to burn calories and tone the body while having fun. We offer classes which all teachers/adults are bound to love. Ballet/Lyrical/Line Dancing/Hip Hop/Broadway Jazz & More!

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