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Summer Aerial Silks Master Class

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Aerial Silks Master Class

This 90 minute class will teach students the basic fundamentals of aerial silks. We will warm up and stretch, followed by some basic exercises on silks to learn about proper muscle engagement and safety. Students will have the opportunity to climb high and learn some beginner level tricks focusing on single foot-locks.

Saturday, July 20
Ages 10+ 3:30-5 pm

Welcome back to Guest Instructor…

Ms. Heather McEntire

Heather has taught and performed throughout the South Florida area in a range of disciplines including aerial pole, aerial silks, lyra, and burlesque. You might have even had an opportunity to see her ‘hanging’ around one of the local Renaissance Festivals! She was a co-founder of a local burlesque troupe where she had the opportunity to choreograph and perform a number of solo and ensemble acts in a variety of dance styles.  Heather is excited to share her love for dance to empower children and adults of all ages to love themselves and reach new heights!


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