For The Serious Dancer

DTTA Intensive Team is for the serious dancer, who wants to further their dance training in a more rigorous, focused way.  In addition to regular technique classes during the week, Intensive Team receives individualized and group training through additional practices.  These practices are tailored to the dancers’ individual needs.  Instructors work with each team member to develop an appropriate “plan of action” for accomplishing technical goals.  Realistic time frames are set, and dancers are encouraged to work with their instructors to achieve the level of dance they are aspiring to.

Dance is a subjective art, but technique is not.  Any professional is able to see whether a dancer is lifting their hip too high, or using their arch incorrectly.  Intensive team allows those dancers with the necessary background and foundation in dance to work through any problems or issues with their technique in a positive, less stressful way.  Intensive Team allows instructors to work with dancers of varying levels and styles towards their own personal goals. Our main requirement is a passion for dance and the dedication to working incredibly hard in their classes and on their own to progress in their skills.

Only Intensive Team dancers are given the opportunity to compete.  We do not like to label ourselves as a “Competition Team” in that we do not want competition to be the focus.  Bettering the dancer’s skills is the focus.  If instructors and dancers feel that routines are competition ready, then a decision will be made to compete on an individual routine basis.  We are happy to expose dancers to the competition stage, but do not want that purpose of our team.

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  • To be considered for Intensive Team, dancers must be 10 years of age or older
  • Students younger than 10 years can be invited to audition for Intensive Team, if a DTTA instructor feels that it would benefit them
  • A minimum of 2 years of dance is required-in any genre
  • Dancers must show an original audition piece to a panel of DTTA instructors, self-choreographed, in any dance style – no longer than 1 minute
  • Dancers must properly execute a brief audition piece to the best of their ability.  This piece will be taught by a DTTA Instructor prior to audition
  • Dancers must have a proper foundation and understanding of dance technique and terminology.  Intensive Team is not for the beginner dancer.
  • Must be dedicated to their dancing and understand that Intensive Team will require additional hours of dance in an effort to properly further their dance technique and training
  • DTTA Staff is highly selective in who they choose to be a part of the Intensive Team as it will be a donation of their time.  Dancers who do not pass the initial audition should not be discouraged, and should strive to do what is necessary in their classes to secure a spot on the team when they are ready.

*Prior registration must take place before participation can begin*