About Dance Through the Ages in Schools

Dance Through the Ages is dedicated to bringing movement and physical activity into a child’s school day, though dance. We believe that the link between a healthy student and physical activity is also responsible for a healthy emotional state. Over 12 years ago, Dance Through the Ages began its journey in preschools across Broward County, and has expanded to elementary & middles schools as well. Quickly seeing what an important outlet this was for a child during the school day, and the benefits it could offer to teaching staff as well, DTTA has honed and worked to create innovative programs and options to offer every school. These programs are fully customizable to meet the individual needs of every school, while bringing additional profit opportunities to schools as well. We look forward to dancing with you soon and creating a movement program that gets your school dancing!

Why add enrichments to your school’s activities?

Extracurricular activities are an essential part of a child’s development. In the past 12 years, there has been an influx of activity centers and studios marketing to children of all ages. Parents seek out these businesses to give their children stimulation once the school day has ended. Preschools, elementary schools, and middle schools have the opportunity to keep their students “in house” by offering these specials as enrichments during the day, or through aftercare/extended care services. Parents then are offered the security in knowing that their children are in a safe environment, surrounded by the people who care for them on a daily basis, and schools have the opportunity to earn additional income.

Why Add DTTA to Your School

Dance is a wonderful way to incorporate movement and rhythm into a child’s day. Our programs focus on the importance of technique, vocabulary, and fun. We strive to bring premier dance instruction into the comfort of a child’s school.

  • Dance Through the Ages is licensed & insured
  • All instructors have been fingerprinted and have had Level II background screenings by the School Board of Broward County and DCF.
  • Our instructors are trained with a specialized, one-of-a-kind curriculum, geared specifically towards each age group. The same instructor will be assigned to your school and work with your students on a weekly basis.
  • Instructors are trained dancers, as well as trained teachers with an understanding of how to work with children in a successful way.
  • Dance Through the Ages will provide each host school with all advertising materials for classes, registration sheets, etc.
  • We will work with each school to provide a program that suits that school’s needs.
  • With weekly dance classes, all students will have the opportunity to participate in a full dance recital at the end of the school year or be a part of parent observation days.
  • We have a genuine love for what we do, and we care about the quality of instruction we offer to our students.

School Pricing

Please contact us for pricing specifics

Option #1

  • We do all the work! We provide you with all the advertising, flyers, signage needed to promote the program.
  • Parents sign up with the registration forms we provide you with.
  • All tuition payments will be made out to Dance Through the Ages.
  • We provide your school with a percentage of the total tuition collected.
  • Your school is responsible for collecting payments from parents, to be picked up on a weekly basis.
  • Parents are provided with all contact information for direct questions.

Option #2

  • We will provide you with all the advertising, flyers, signage you will need to promote the program.
  • We charge the school directly on a per student/per class basis, and parents pay the school based on your school’s pricing.
  • We invoice on a monthly basis, or at the conclusion of the session—whichever applies.
  • Parents get all of our contact information so they can contact us directly.

School Assemblies

Dance Through the Ages offers full assemblies for all schools. Students will receive a 45-60 minute assembly, concentrating on the benefits of dance when part of a healthy lifestyle. The science behind these benefits will be highlighted, while having all students (and teachers) up and moving.

Students will receive a full warm-up/stretch while learning about flexibility, muscle strengthening and toning. This will be followed by an interactive discussion about the different genres of dance and how they are related to one another. Students will then learn basic technique from several styles of dance, resulting in a routine they can perform together at the conclusion of the assembly, followed by a cool down. Question and answer session is included as well. We want to inspire students, help them to relax, have fun and feel motivated about movement!

*We’ll customize our Assemblies to the needs of your school and staff*

Length of Assembly

45-60 minutes depending on class size


1-2 Instructors / Portable Sound System / Mics /Age Apporpriate Music / Liability Insurance / Instruction / Set Up / Breakdown / Informational Materials to be sent home informing parents about student’s experience / Up to 300 students at a time


Room large enough to allow for students dancing with tables and chairs removed or pushed to the side / Small Stage or Raised Platform for instructors / Power Outlet

Grade Level:

Grades should be split according to age groups, i.e. Prek-KR/1st-3rd/4th-5th. Middle School and High School options available as well


Please contact us for pricing.

Teacher Workshops

As a former teacher in the school system, I have worked diligently with my staff of instructors to formulate a special workshop, geared entirely towards teachers to help promote health, relaxation and fun! There are few professions that require as much emotional and physical dedication as teaching, and often times it is the teacher who needs a little boost and renewed energy. Our workshops target this need. Whether offering a team building experience for your teachers, or incorporating our student targeted discussion on how to incorporate movement into the school day, we will deliver a motivational session that rejuvenates your staff.
Prior dance experience is never required. Just the desire to move and the willingness to laugh & have a good time while doing it.

*We’ll customize our Workshops to the needs of your school and staff*


Team Building / Movement / Flexibility Training / Relaxation Techniques / Gaining Energy

Length of Class:

1-2 hours (Depending on Class Size). *Half and Full Day Options Available


1-2 Instructors / Portable Sound System / Mics / Music / Liability Insurance / Instruction / Warm-Up / Stretch/ Choreography Exploring a Range of Dance Genres / Group & Individual Activities/ Set-Up / Breakdown / Instruction on what & how to teach movement to students / Up to 300 students at a time


Room large enough to allow for staff dancing, with tables and chairs removed or pushed to the side / Small Stage or Raised Platform for instructors / Power Outlet


Please contact us for pricing. *Discounts available for half-day & full-day workshops

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