At Dance Through The Ages, we encourage all of our dancers to take pride in their appearance and dress appropriately for their genre of dance. It is a reflection of their discipline and respect for the art form. The proper dress attire allows our instructors to observe and correct the posture and alignment of our dancers.

Hip Hop

Tank-tops, crop-tops
Dance pants/shorts
Hair in bun or ponytail
NO jeans or jean shorts

Pee Wee Dance
Kids Groove I-II
Ult.  Dancing Feet

Black or pink leotard
Black or pink tights
Ballet skirt (optional)
Black or pink Ballet shoes
Black or tan Tap shoes
Hair in bun or ponytail

All Ballet
All Point

DTTA leotard
Black, pink, nude tights
Ballet skirt (optional)
Pink Ballet shoes
Pink Point shoes
Hair in bun
NO baggy clothing

Jazz, Tap, Lyrical

Tank-tops, crop-tops
Dance pants/shorts
Black or tan Jazz shoes
Black or tan Tap shoes
Foot undies
Hair in bun or ponytail

Class Descriptions

DTTA’s Young Dancers

“Pee Wee Dance” (2 year olds)

An introduction to basic ballet and creative movement, this class focuses on children learning to love music and movement.  A variety of props are used (princess/prince crowns/wands, tambourines, maracas, scarves, etc.) which creates excitement for our young dancers.  Both group and individual activities are incorporated to begin teaching the fundamentals of dance. This is an independent class, but if your child has never been separated before, we work with them to ensure they are comfortable.

“Kids Groove Combo I-II” (3-4 year olds)

A combination of Ballet/Tap/Jazz, this class exposes young dancers to the fundamentals of ballet for the first 30 minutes, then introduces the genres of Tap & Jazz for the second half of class.  We focus on terminology & technique, while using fun, appropriate music that keeps students engaged.  Props are used to utilize explanation of various terms.  Please note-only Level II adds Jazz to the rotation.

Boys/Girls Only Hip Hop Classes

A specialized Hip Hop class, tailored just for our “Boys Only” (3-5 year olds) and “Girls Only” (5-6 year olds) dancers.  The fundamentals of Hip Hop are the concentration, exposing dancers to isolations, intro to posing & breaking and essential Hip Hop technique.  Only appropriate music is used.

“Ultimate Dancing Feet I-II” (5-6 year olds)

A combination of Ballet/Tap/Jazz, this class challenges beginner dancers by introducing them to the fundamentals of the core genres of dance.  Students will receive a technical ballet class for the first 30 minutes of every class, focusing on terminology & technique, and then receive Tap/Jazz training for the remainder of class.  We aim to encourage these dancers to experience as many forms of dance as possible, so they are able to choose which they connect with when moving into the older, one hour, single genre classes.

DTTA’s 7+ Dancers

Ballet * Tap * Jazz * Jazz Funk * Hip Hop * Lyrical * Contemporary * Modern * Cheer * Acro Dance * Belly Dance * Musical Theater

All classes are structured around imparting both a technical education and understanding of terminology.  We promote a positive atmosphere, where students are encouraged to express themselves through movement and all they learn in class.  If you have any questions regarding class specifics, please contact us.

DTTA’s Drama & Theater

Drama (7-10 years old)

An introduction to the dramatic arts, this class focuses on improvisational activities, screenwriting, an understanding of stage direction, voice projection, character development and more.  The perfect class for an outgoing student, as well as a student who needs an extra boost of confidence when speaking in social situations.  This class properly prepares students for stage plays and performances.

Screen Stars (6th-12th Grade)

In this class students will collaborate together in a safe space for freedom of expression through developing characters, improv and telling stories on camera. These actors will learn and gain the values of preparation, becoming and being the character, developing back story and the moment before, screenplay breakdown, auditioning/casting, and real industry training. Actors will become confident professionals on set and understand their value in the Film & TV industry.